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About the Owner

Lloyd Lofton is the managing partner of 7 Figure Sales Tools, an elite sales and leadership coaching and training company, which was created from his successful 30+ years of a career in sales.

He is a frequent contributor to numerous industry related magazines and the author of “The Sidewalk Executive” and companion workbook “Seven Step Sales Presentation” as well as his latest book “Leads to Results.”

Learn more about his work at - and connect with him now on the social media links below!

About This Site



7 Figure Sales Tools is designed with you in mind.

You have the opportunity to improve that one thing that has been between you and the income you want to earn.

You have the advantage of receiving knowledge and experience from more than 40 years of selling.

These lessons come from selling swimming pools, windows, insurance, financial products, and the credit card processing industry, along with 20 years of hiring, training and retaining sales professionals.

Selling is a process of helping prospects "buy" as a result of a structured, organized and purposeful sales relationship.

So in these lessons, you will learn the things that matter most, in the order, they matter. 

Your mission begins with defining what your purpose is. 

From there it is important to have a goal that you will act on.

To accomplish your goal you have to engage in the activity that will ensure you reach your goal.

Activity should always position you to make full presentations to qualified prospects.

Once you have a qualified prospect you need an approach, fact finding questions and sales presentation that will build confidence in your prospect that you are the right professional for them.

Objections are part of the sales presentation and it is crucial that you understand what objections you will get and your rebuttals are specific to the closing the sale

Once you begin to consistently bring clients into your inventory of business, developing referrals, by helping clients develop solutions.

This systematic process is critical to building a secure and predictable business.

You will find all these ideas, techniques and tools behind your membership log-in.

We look forward to giving you access to discounted lead programs, exclusive webinars, private coaching and ancillary training.

You will find many bonus training available, including how to utilize:
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Ads
  • LInkedin
  • Instagram
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Podcast to take with you


Lesson 1:

Primer on Facebook Ads


Lesson 2:

SWOT Analysis


Lesson 3:

How To Create A Sale


Lesson 4:

How to Advertise an e-Book


Lesson 5:

How to Incorporate Ads into a Video


Lesson 6:

How to get Customers with your Business Blogs


Lesson 7:

Sales Ideas for Fixed Annuities


Lesson 8:

Rejection vs Objection


Lesson 9:

Products that Satisfy Maslows Hierarchy of Needs


Lesson 10:

Obtaining Referrals and Maintaining Customers


Lesson 11:

Income from Web Banner Advertising


Lesson 12:

How to Incorporate Branded Video Content with Your Business


Lesson 13:

How To Grab People's Attention


Lesson 14:

How to go From Face-to-Face Sales to Telesales

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